The Excel Center assists students in learning more effectively, building academic skills, and preparing for professional success. ┬áThe Excel Center is made up of four departments, each of which have a unique mission, yet each of them sharing a common goal — to support UIC students in their pursuit of life-long learning by offering premiere programs and services.

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    Excel at UIC with an effective approach to comprehensive, individualized, and holistic Academic Learning Support for all students.
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    Coaching at the Ace Programs are designed to foster resilience and growth by working one-on-one with a professional to assist students develop a greater sense of self-awareness, overall management of college, utilize learning strategies, and improve their communication skills in academic and social settings.
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    Native American Academic Support Program (NASP) believes in the right for individual self-determination. Guidance is provided for those that are committed for in-depth research of their genealogic background. Genealogy and Tribal enrollment assistance is one of several services that the NASP office provides.
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    The mission of the UIC Black Tech Scholars Program is to ensure professional and web development opportunities for African American undergraduate students in order to foster interest and representation in the technology industry.
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    The Summer Academic Learning Community (SALC), one of several TRIO programs, is a six-week program designed to equip students who identify as low-income, first-generation college students and/or students with documented learning disabilities with the skills, knowledge, and tools to thrive at UIC.