About Us


At our core, we view students as learners, provide holistic, dynamic, and highly personalized support services that empowers and equips students to master academic, social, career skills so they find success in the classroom, community and in the world.



We aspire to be the premiere model for student success in higher education.


Core Values

Our promise is to work from a place of hope and to infuse care into each program, service, and interaction that we have with you. The following core principles guide our approach.


Learning: Students seeking learning strategies and opportunities are encouraged to learn in their own unique way based on their individual strengths.

Our Promise:  We will provide you with the tools to find success, in and outside the classroom, self-regulate learning devised for career success.


Quality: Each learner's unique life-story has value and is important.

Our Promise: We will take the time to listen to you and place value in your story.


Transformation: Reflecting on the past and planning for the future leads to individual transformation.

Our Promise: We will partner with you during your journey of success.


Equity: Equity is achieved when diversity is valued and environments are inclusive.

Our Promise: We will meet you where you are at so that you experience a sense of belonging.


Success: Access to a holistic experience in higher education creates opportunities to excel and succeed beyond the classroom.

Our Promise: We will advocate for all students as they seek educational opportunities to enhance their overall college experience.